The ComputeStacks installation process is managed by our team and will perform all necessary steps to make sure you have a working installation.

This includes helping to setup your billing plans and making sure your billing platform is working as expected.


All of the services listed below assume that you will be running this all on your own infrastructure. We have the ability to host and manage all or some of these services, if you wish.

All servers can be either virtual, or dedicated boxes. They all need to have Ubuntu 16.04 LTS pre-installed and appropriate network & firewall policies in place.

This is a minimal deployment. Please consult with us prior to deploying to make sure your system is adequately sized for the workload you expect to perform.

  • Control Panel: 2 cpu cores, 6GB of ram, 50GB Storage
  • Container Host: The number of servers and size depends on how many containers you want to host.
    • Minimum for a demo: 4 CPU Cores, 12GB of ram, 100GB storage (SSD), 1GB network interface.
    • large server: 2x 12 Cores, 128GB of ram, 3TB of storage (SSD), bonded 1GB network interfaces or greater.
    • Storage:
      • By default, we will use the local storage on the server. 
      • However, we can support a shared storage platform to allow for better scaling of applications (example: Scalable wordpress containers), and better recovery for hardware failure. Contact us to discuss your unique environment in more detail..
  • PowerDNS (2x): 1 CPU Core, 1GB of ram, 20GB of storage
    • ComputeStacks will automatically provision a domain name for each container using a domain provided by you (i.e.
    • We have a full DNS interface for customer-managed domains.
    • For existing PowerDNS clusters, we require version >4.0.
  • DNS Resolvers (2 per region): 1 CPU Core, 1GB of ram, 20GB of storage
    • Our container platform generates a lot of DNS lookups. We've had issues with some providers being rate limited / throttled by Google DNS.
    • If you have an existing resolver infrastructure, we can use them.
  • etcd (3x): These are used by our container network layer to store IP addresses and security policies.
  • Container Registry (optional): Allows your customers to store their custom container images with you
    • For small deployments, we can run this on the Control Panel server
    • 2 CPU Cores, 4 GB of ram, 100GB of storage

Domain Names

The following domain names will need to be provisioned:

Additional Services

  • Two Factor Auth (Authy:
    • If you want to enable 2FA, please provide us with an Authy API Key.
    • Note: If you elect to use Single Sign On with your billing integration, this will be bypassed for your users. Admins can still use this as they do not login via SSO.
  • SMTP Server
    • Please provide SMTP credentials. We recommend using a service like SendGrid,, or Amazon SES.
  • Branding:
    • We will create a customized brand experience for your portal. We can manage that for you, or you can make changes yourself.
    • Please share with us your logo and color swatches.