Virtual Machines

Power Management
Start, Stop, Restart, Destroy, Resize, Clone, and Rebuild.
Organize and Tag your Virtual Machines
Place virtual machines into organized groups, and add tags.
DNS Integration
Full DNS integration, including Reverse DNS / PTR Records.
Metrics & Charts
Visually inspect server metrics.
Federation Support
Sell and manage resources on the OnApp Federation.
Full management of the OnApp Firewall.
Networking Controls
Full suite of networking controls; features dependent on the underlying virtualization stack.
Images & Snapshots
Create deployable system images and take on-demand, or scheduled snapshots.
Packages & Metered Billing
Support for both packages and custom instance sizes, including overage billing.

Powered by OnApp

Powered by the popular OnApp Cloud Platform, ComputeStacks bridges Billing, Containers, and Virtual Machines into a single portal for your end-users.