Cloud Providers

A solution for both technical & non-technical users,
all while lowering your support overhead.

Less technical users can deploy popular solutions like Wordpress and MySQL in an environment with similar benefits to Virtual Machines, without requiring any advanced technical knowledge.

This reduces your support overheard on-boarding new users, as well as making it easier to troubleshoot future issues because everyone is running a similar setup.

Developers and more technical users can take advantage of the container benefits, such as building and deploying custom images with automated release cycles. They also get direct access to container logs and resource usage data to help plan resource scaling and diagnose any issues.

SFTP + SSH Access

End users can use the same SFTP/SSH tools and deployment processes with their containers.

Packages & Metered Options

Sell simple packages like your existing VPS offering, or offer containers in an hourly metered solution.

Secure 2FA

Meet compliance requirements and ensure secure access by enabling 2FA. ComputeStacks includes support for mobile-based OTP, Yubikey, and Fido U2F keys.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Create a better user experience by enabling your users to use the same login across your platform.

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