Managed Services

Create a unique & customized offering for your clients.

BGP Peering

Powerful network & routing opportunities by using our SDN w/ BGP Peering.

  • Link multiple datacenters with a private network and use ACLs to set fine grained permissions.
  • Create hybrid deployments and link containers with both virtual machines and dedicated servers.

Private Container Nodes

Deploy dedicated ComputeStack instances for customers wanting full control over their environment. This includes a dedicated portal to manage user access and meet compliance requirements.

Secure 2FA

Meet compliance requirements and ensure secure access by enabling 2FA. ComputeStacks includes support for mobile-based OTP, Yubikey, and Fido U2F keys.

Usage & Billing Metrics

Customers using dedicated instances with a private ComputeStacks portal can configure and use our billing system to precisely track usage in their environment. This allows your internal teams & business units to see exactly what their group's resource usage is, and for your organization as a whole to see where your resources are being consumed.

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