Shared Hosting

Bridging the Gap between Shared & Cloud Hosting.

Hosting for Developers

By adding containers to your offering, you're making a compelling pitch to the developer community. Now it's no longer a question of what version of PHP you support, or can I run NodeJS or Ruby apps. With Containers, you can support every combination of software and developer tool these users are looking for.

Upsell Existing Customers

Containers provide a perfect upsell opportunity for Shared Hosting Providers. Existing shared customers can be difficult to migrate to a higher price point product like Virtual Machines, because they often lack the technical knowledge to migrate and manage their new environment. This leads to two different types of scenarios:

  1. They don't migrate, even though they may need the upgrade, creating a poor experience on your platform.
  2. They upgrade, but due to the increased technical knowledge required, more support tickets are created, requiring more attention from your support staff.

ComputeStacks offers an alternative upgrade path for these end users by directly integrating the order process into your existing shared environment. You can specify a customized set of pre-built container images (e.g. Wordpress) to allow 1-click deployments for a seamless experience.

SFTP + SSH Access

Shared hosting customers can use their existing tools to manage their containers.

Billing Integrations

Integrate with popular billing solutions like WHMCS, or easily integrate with your own existing system.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Create a better user experience by enabling your users to use the same login across your platform.

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