Grow and expand your hosting business by selling Docker containers

The ComputeStacks container platform enables shared, cloud, and managed hosting providers to upsell current customers, as well as, to expand their business by entering new markets.

Upsell for Shared Hosting

Increase your ARPU by selling more resources and applications to your shared hosting customers.

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Offer Managed Applications

Use ComputeStacks as a building block to offer managed hosting, such as WordPress and Magento.

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CaaS for Developers

Attract developers to easily deploy and host their Docker containers on your hosting platform.

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Turnkey container platform

There is no need to invest time and effort to learn, setup, and manage complex container software and infrastructure. ComputeStacks includes all the features that you and your customers need to start deploying containerized applications today. Your customers do not even need to know what a container is!

  • 1-click deploy of the most common web applications
  • Scale vertically and horizontally without downtime
  • Easily add domains and SSL certificates
  • SFTP & SSH access for every container
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Fits with any type of hosting business

Whether you're a shared, cloud, or managed hosting provider, and whether you own your server infrastructure, or run workloads in the cloud: ComputeStacks is a flexible platform that works for any business model, and any deployment scenario.

Billing & control panel integrations

Install our plugin for cPanel and WHMCS, or use our API and webhooks. ComputeStacks integrates with your hosting business in the way you prefer.

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Deploy where you like

On premise or in the cloud; bare metal or virtual servers; one or multiple regions. You can choose which deployment scenario works best for you and your customers.

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Offer applications your customers want

ComputeStacks provides an extensive library of the most popular applications such as: WordPress, Magento, PHP, NodeJS, and many more. You and your customers have the option to add your own container images as well.